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About Growth Luxury Homes


rowth is building the next generation of ultra-luxury homes today. Growth believes the air that we breathe is as important as the food that we eat. Ultra-luxury homes have been built in the same way for the last 50 years. Growth’s mission is to revitalize the home-building process by bringing cutting edge LEED certified, Net-Zero building technology and smart-home automation with maximum energy efficiency – all without jeopardizing beauty or design. Growth has established many innovative ways to incorporate green technology and healthful environment into state-of-the-art designs to create the ultimate dream homes.

Building an amazing home starts with an incredible construction team that can execute the specified energy efficiency strategies to meet your ultra-luxury home design target, along with value engineering, intense plan review, selection of craftsmen and meetings with architects, engineers and interior designers… the tasks built into the start of every Growth Luxury Home.

Growth Luxury Homes provides a web-based home builder software to optimize communication between their customers, vendors, and subcontractors. The system provides real-time, 24/7 access from your home computer, iPad and mobile device, for scheduling information, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, homebuyer selections, and much more!


When you step into one of our luxury homes, your first impression is the dimension of the space.


Building an amazing home starts with a construction team that can meet budget, schedule and high energy-efficiency standards without jeopardizing beauty or design.


We provide web-based homebuilder software to optimize communication between customers, vendors and subcontractors. All of that is made accessible to our clients and Investors, embodying transparency and a true partnership.


Our team assures the design functionality, incorporating interior design, finish selections and overall design finish of the home. This unique approach instills trust and confidence from beginning to end.


Growth imagines homes of the future by focusing on elegance and simplicity. Elegant to offer something sophisticated; simple, because simplicity is the maximum level of complexity.


We have built an exceptional team to build ultra luxury homes.

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