Brand Pillars:

Growth Luxury Homes (GLH) has revitalized the homebuilding process by creating elegant, extravagant homes that incorporate the company’s four main pillars: sustainability, health, intelligence and flexibility. GLH weaves in intuitive technology and smart-home automation for maximum energy efficiency, all without jeopardizing beauty or design. With more than 30 years of combined ultra-luxury home building experience, GLH boasts more than 60 new projects in Nevada and California for elite homebuyers in some of the nation’s most prestigious areas, with home prices ranging from $2.7 million to over $20 million per property.

“Sustainability, health, intelligence and flexibility are more than brand pillars, they are part of a committed mindset to encourage better lifestyles. GLH harnesses the collective brainpower of XX to utilize their skillsets and enhance them to visualize, strategize and execute on each vertical. Embracing novel manufacturing material, construction technology and insulation material, GLH is building homes of the future, today. Everything we build is people-centered, sustainable, smart, technologically advanced, cost efficient, carefully curated and value based.”

Growth Luxury Homes

GLH Pillars


Disruption, Not Destruction

With a mission to help build a better future for all, GLH understands that environmental sustainability is becoming a monumental issue with climate change. Any little thing we can do to bring awareness and make an impact is important.

Architecture and design ultimately should serve many purposes, such as sensory delight, but it should be sustainable. Decor should be focused on the positive aspects of human existence: beauty, art, intuition, creativity, nurturing, gentleness and healing.

GLH focuses heavily on how we can build places and communities that share an ideological connect and are willing to participate in the creation of a sustainable environment together. It’s about how occupants minimise their use of water and energy, but ultimately live in an environment that is both healthy, comfortable and not to mention resource-saving. Each GLH home is woven with amenities that a majority of homeowners do not realize can impact their everyday living. Our high-performance Net Zero energy-ready homes are tested by a Resnet certified rater, incorporating tighter envelopes, rigid board phenolic insulation and additional generation and storage to create a better home for the owner and environment.

Blending Science with Technology

A sustainable home needs to sustain the health of its occupant and encourage a healthier lifestyle overall.

GLH embeds an active, wellness intelligent system into each home that helps the resident passively achieve prolonged health and wellbeing, featuring sensors that are able to continually measure the quality of the air and promptly deliver a notification if a particular matter has increased in the air, and will automatically work to clean the air in the specific, effected zone of the home. Integrating the airPLUS program, each home allows for better air quality through moisture control, pest management, combustion-venting systems and radon control.

Other innovative touches include individual circadian rhythm lighting, which is set to track the quality of sunlight coming into the home. The circadian rhythm is the daily cycle that regulates a number of important bodily functions such as body temperature, hormone production, cell regeneration and brain wave activity. This revolutionary technology naturally adjusts the color temperature of the lights and adjusts to maintain the human body in its natural rhythm.

Blending Connectivity with Automation

A smart home ecosystem is defined by how it organically stitches meaningful elements together for a homeowner to live healthier, passively. This includes intuitive technology such as smart toilets, showers, faucets, automated light switches and state-of-the-art appliances. Smart home technology provides homeowners security, convenience, energy efficiency and comfort by allowing them to control their home through convenient platforms.

Using Otonomus, GLH’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, residents can monitor the entire house and align controls with their preferences through an app, tablet or via a smart mirror. This “digital glue” unifies the entire house and allows for more efficient control. This highly-curated platform stimulates connectivity throughout the home and curates a living experience that is both easy and reliable.

Sustainability initiatives build better product and make our operation more environmentally friendly. EPG (Energy Performance Guide): Consumer reference and education for the customer.

Homes that Adapt with Residents

Today, one of the major concerns regarding urban planning is lack of housing due to the rising population in and around major cities. It is our duty to find solutions and develop new concepts that transform houses into adaptable, functional, elegant, flexible and space-efficient personal residences.

Flexible home designs require less material, energy and labor and, overall, less waste, thus are sustainable by design and significantly more cost-efficient. Flexibility is an important concept in the design of our homes so they are able to be economically, environmentally and socially viable. Providing adaptability to dwelling spaces according to different lifestyles is a feature of the ideal home.