Imagine the spirit of TESLA at home.


Translating the Spirit of Tesla’s Iconic Industrial Design Language into a Market Differentiating Architectural Design Language.


Understanding Tesla’s Identity & Design Language (Industrial-Automotive):

  • Gender Neutral, Ready-to-Wear
  • Advanced & Unique with Distinct Features & Innovations
  • Lightweight, Lean Impression which Visually Communicates Efficiency
  • Not Strange, Not Runway Haute Couture or Overly Avant-Garde
  • Uncompromised Efficiency & Performance
  • Environmentally Friendly, Extreme/Clever Functionality
  • Timelessly Modern – Elegant & International Form
  • Highlighted Minimalism – -Soft & Understated Luxury


Understanding (Bio) Modern & Organic Design Language (Architectural-Residential)

  • Nature & Humanity in Harmony – (Wright, Lautner, Soleri)
  • Form, Space Order ‒ Beauty, Balance, Proportion & Geometric Expression
  • Fully Cohesive Architecture, Interiors & Landscapes
  • Passive & Active Ecological Orientation, Design & Fenestration
  • Toward a New Vernacular ‒ Bio-Modern, Eco-Living, Health & Wellness, Peace & Tranquility


Translating Design Languages (Industrial to Architectural) into New International Vernaculars

  • Translating Culture, Experience and Emotion (Peace, Tranquility, Open Views & Perfect Privacy)
  • Translating Form, Functions & Features (Ultimate Interior/Exterior Modern Vernacular Living)
  • Translating Performance, Automation & Innovation (Ecological Technology & Control)
  • Translating Defining Elements (Light, Sight, Sound, Fenestration & Details)



Toward a New Vernacular: Physique & Aesthetics, Forms & Fenestrations

  • Energy & Ecological Design (A Maximized Roof Area, Solar & Environmental Orientation)
  • Regional Climate & Passive Vernacular Design (Thermal Mass, Vertical & Horizontal Light Wells, Shelves & Green Walls)
  • Maximizing Indoor/Outdoor Livability (Integrated Natural & Active Controls i.e. Water & Mist, Light & Reflection)
  • Tighter Community Calls for Forms of Private Design & Well-Framed Views (Contoured Common & Private Walls)
  • Organic Design Elements & Emotions (Organic Growth & Outcroppings with Highlighted-Minimalist Fixtures & Décor)


Toward a New Vernacular: Technology & Taste, Functions & Features

  • Intelligent, Elegant & Featured Integration of Tesla Products (Transport, Power Wall, Photo-Voltaic)
  • Automation & Innovation (Environmental Elements & Controls, Keyless Entries, Electronic Glazing & Shading Devices)
  • Lifelong Living Design: ADA Compliant Design (Accessibility, Functionality, Features, Options)
  • Efficient & Well-Designed Services Plans (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Kitchen, Bath & Utilities)
  • Interiors & Exteriors of Ecological Principle & Practice (Innovative Zeriscaping, Healthy & Environmentally Friendly Interiors)


Semi-Custom Luxury Home Community

  • Achieving Community Design Cohesion by Hard Requirements (Eco-Energy, Etc.) & Aesthetic Theming (Desert Zen, Etc.)
  • Achieving Organic Variation through Custom Tailored Options (Spaces, Uses, Colors, Textures, Curvature & Fenestration)
  • Nominally Dimensioned Floor Plans Easily Modify to Varying Site Layouts – Generate More Organic Variation & Geometry
  • Options: Driveway & Parking Options (3+Den or 4+ Port), Entry (Edge, Offset, Middle), Layouts (1st Level Masters, Beds, Spa)
  • Options: Kitchens & Bath, Interior & Exterior, Lighting & Theatrics, Audio-Video, Sound-Acoustics, Living & Landscapes


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