Growth Luxury Homes is creating an amazing experience, from start to finish, and they create homes that are completely new and unique. They wanted to lead the industry with it. The Growth Brand consists of four major elements: the home itself (the structure), the design element, the construction process element, and the company’s transparency and true partnership.

1. The Building Itself

Incorporating green LEED and Net Zero technology into state-of-the-art designs, Growth Luxury Homes are built better, are more efficient, are more functional, and are more environmentally sustainable while reducing cost and waste.

Growth wanted to build unique structures, and reached out to the US Department of Energy. Growth committed to building exclusively what’s called a challenge home or zero energy ready home, and it’s really the next generation of Homes. They are very healthy, they see it as the organic home. If you’re eating organic food, why aren’t you living in an organic house? The air that we breathe is as just important as the food that we eat.

Growth truly believes, that any other conventional home you buy today will be obsolete ten years from now. Growth recently finished the first challenge home in Nevada and the biggest in the country.

2. The Design Element

Growth Luxury Homes is dedicated to protecting the environment, while building high-quality homes with excellent functionality. Their design and construction philosophy views each project as a system, analyzing every detail and studying how they work together as a whole.

The Team at Growth imagines homes of the future. They follow one Idea, to be elegant and simple. To be elegant because they like to offer something that is sophisticated.

To be simple, because the simplicity is the maximum level of complexity.

When you step into one of Growth’s luxury homes, your first impression is the dimension of the space. The second is the harmony of the space with its different elements: lines of sight, indoor/outdoor living, wine cellar, openings… The third is the harmony of the space with the outside, with its location, its beautiful views with its surroundings. Everything is tri-dimensionally connected with a special poetic sense. The sense of space and the sense light. When Growth designs, they think of everything, including the quality of the light and shadow. Growth wanted to make sure that when you step into one of their homes, you feel like you’re stepping into a cloud, a cloud of tranquility, a cloud of serenity, a cloud of beauty. It is elegant, it is simple, it is a beautiful home for life.

3. The Construction Process

Building an amazing home starts with an incredible construction team that can meet your energy-efficiency standards. Why should a high-end luxury home take two years to build, or cost way over the original budget? The team at Growth wanted to bring the same discipline and procedures as the major casino builders here in Las Vegas and implement it to high-end luxury homes. A schedule-driven process, based on budget attentiveness.

Growth found the missing link in luxury home building, the latest tool to perfect the building process and improve communication—Unibuilder.

Ziade and his team at Growth developed Unibuilder, a web-based home builder software, not only to optimize communications between the customer, vendor, subcontractor, and even investor, but the aim was also to create a tool and platform that would walk any project manager through the process step by step. This platform enables full collaboration on a project, from inception to completion, allowing us to provide a one-of-a-kind, seamless experience for our clients while delivering unmatched quality.

4. Transparency and a True Partnership

The system provides real-time, 24/7 access from a computer or mobile device, for scheduling information, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, homebuyer selections, and much more.

Ziade and his team at Growth wanted a tool that would allow them, at the corporate level, and also the client and investor, to follow every aspect of the process in real time, from the construction calendar to the budget to the progress in the field. All of that is made accessible to their clients and investors, embodying transparency and a true partnership.