Growth Luxury Homes has assembled a first-rate in-house team with a wide array of expertise in architecture, design, engineering and craftsmanship. These team members transform Ziade’s vision into an ultraluxury, high-efficiency masterpiece. Growth’s team offers more than 75 years of combined ultraluxury homebuilding experience. Its members have traveled worldwide to follow architectural and interior design trends. Artisans have visited Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Asia, attending prominent trade shows and hand-selecting and assembling the homebuilding industry’s finest materials the world has to offer to meet our company philosophy, where ultra luxury meets high efficiency

Philippe Ziade

CEO & Founder

Recognized as a leader in his industry, gaining recognition in residential real estate, multi-family projects, custom homes developments, commercial projects, senior assisted living projects, and gaming resort hotels.

Patrick Ziade


Patrick’s strengthens are in operations and his contributions range from directing the renovations on hundreds of homes each year, to handling all the field operation teams in the Real Estate Development and Construction Sectors.

Khalil Ziade

Executive Vice President

Khalil is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating projects according to predetermine timelines and budgets.

Steve Escalante

Business Development

Steve’s corporate duties include expansion and new business opportunities of the existing companies and the efficient operation in the various divisions in the real estate, investment, hospitality and technology sectors.

Michael M. Later

Corporate Counsel

Michael joined the corporate team in 2015 as General Council for Growth Holdings and all its companies. Michael has practiced business and commercial law for more than 30 years.