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Growth Luxury Homes


It’s already one of the best places to live according to Money magazine, and it’s about to get better still with the addition of the 59 superlative luxury homes that form the nucleus of the world’s first community powered by Tesla.

The Hills, in the heart of Henderson, blends contemporary aesthetics, avant-garde technology, and timeless craftmanship to create an atmosphere of minimalistic luxury that is both deep and refined. As such, The Hills adds yet another discrete touch of class to what is already one of America’s most coveted and exclusive postal codes.

Growth Luxury Homes


Bringing a slew of emerging technologies to full maturity, Growth Luxury Homes has produced a residential formula that nearly extinguishes the carbon footprint of luxury living. The homes that comprise this community are not only 40 to 50 percent more energy efficient than typical newbuilds, each lot is delivered net zero ready and can generate as much or more energy than its owners consume.

An array of discrete rooftop solar panels provides abundant power to the home. Any unused wattage is stored in the Tesla ‘Powerwalls’ which releases their energy on demand in the evening. The system is complemented by a fully automated charging system for the Tesla electric vehicle that is delivered with each home – and forms an integral part of it.

Growth Luxury Homes


Set within a 10-acre natural sanctuary covering the foothills of the McCullough Mountains, crisscrossed with paths and trails to explore, residents of The Hills may also enjoy the DragonRidge Country Club. Its championship 18-hole golf course straddles natural canyons and has been named ‘#1 Golf Course Las Vegas’ by the Nevada Business Journal. The country club also offers exquisite dining experiences ranging from casual chic to multicourse formal.

The Hills residents have unlimited use of the self-driving shuttle bus that connects all homes to the onsite fitness center, the positive energy garden, the aviary corner, the dog park, or any other place inside the community.

Growth Luxury Homes


The Hills celebrates and showcases the future of organic residential design in a community that is one with its surrounding nature, unique in its approach to luxury living, and a haven of tranquility just a few miles from all the happening places of Las Vegas.

The Hills’ homes come equipped with an ensemble of technologies that employ artificial intelligence and machine learning to quietly adapt their performance to the occupants’ lifestyles and requirements.

An ultimate luxury residence in the world’s first Tesla-powered self-sustaining community is surprisingly affordable with prices starting at $2 million.

The Hills


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